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I'm afraid this journal is going to be mostly friends only. Nothing personal, but I prefer to choose who I share things with. Occasionally there will be public posts, but those are going to be few and far between.

If you comment I'll probably add you back, so long as I know at least a little about you or know where you found me.

Otherwise, have some fun and/or informative links:

Kiva - Micro-loans to make the world a better place
Dragon Cave - Because dragons are fun
Free Rice - Learn things while donating food
There I Fixed It - Scary jury-rigged things
The Hunger Site - Click to Give
Looking For Group - Webcomic for those who like roleplaying and WoW and fantasy
Shortpacked - Webcomic for geeks
Random Acts of Reality - written by an E.M.T working for the London Ambulance Service
ConceptArt Character of the Week - Because it's cool
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It's awesome, is pretty much all I can say. The fighting is much faster paced, but you can still pause and assign your peeps to do stuff for when you unpause. It made things much easier to liberally use the pause key.

FLEMETH. I know the part I got to play was before the whole 'kill Flemeth quest' (and if that is spoilers, where have you been?) but she was so cool. And kitted out for war. And I kind of hope she's back in the rest of the game as well.

The graphics are excellent. The armor looked a lot better, the designs were great, Flemeth's feathers were feathery, etc etc. I know some of the earlier screenshots looked a little cartoony, but no, really, it isn't.

The skill trees are nice. Means the characters will be more specialized compared to DA:O.

Hawke has a voice! I like this, much like I love Sheppard's voice over in Mass Effect.

In fact there are a lot of similar things to Mass Effect. I love the new conversation system, which is almost exactly like the one in ME2. And the influence system is similar to the old one, but show differently and I like it. There are also a hell of a lot of options to customize the look of your character. They weren't available in the demo but you could see what they were.

If you aren't decided about buying the game try the demo and see if you like it. It's well worth it, even if it did break the internet :D
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Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Sithmas, etc. And if you don't celebrate at this time of year, for whatever reason, I hope you have happiness in general.

Am going afk for the next couple of days to enjoy everything. Stay safe and have a good one.
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Dear Internets:

Kaz made it to Swindon safe. Currently she can't get on her Grandma's internet, so no updates from her, but that might change.

Love me.
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Leverage season finale:


Gun battle. Shoulder holster. Growling. Hurty face. JFK he is awesome.

That is all.

Here, have some pictures )
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As requested by Kaz: - live feed/previous feeds of Kaz at the Plymouth Uni Occupation. She's in bright pink/grey cardigan.
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I know a lot of people have probably read this, but it's a damn good post on bullying and our culture.
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I think I might have found something I want to do.

It's an apprenticeship with the NHS, working as a lab technician and looking to gain a Level 2 qualification as a Laboratory Technician. It doesn't pay much, but I'd probably still be eligible for housing benefit and once I turn 25 I'd probably also be eligible for working tax credits to top things up.

From there, I could still go into nursing with an idea to specialize as a phlebotamist, or I could look into continuing lab work.

This one isn't letting my brain go. There was one working as a chef, but this one is really pushing my buttons.

This is what I could end up doing -
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Don't you just hate it when an author you hold in high regard turns out to be someone you wouldn't associate with in real life, to the extent that you look at them and all their works in a totally different light.

Today that person is Orson Scott Card:

So I've got a library copy of his 'How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy' book. I make the mistake of reading the mini-biography and find out he did two years unpaid Mormon missionary work in Africa.

Ok. It could be worse. That was probably a long time ago...

I then make the mistake of reading his wiki page.

A devout and outspoken Mormon, Card is a board member of the National Organization for Marriage.

He's a board member of NOM. If that name seems familiar at the moment, it could have something to do with this little gem, where one of their followers advocated murdering gay couples.

And on homosexuals:

Card described homosexuality as an acquired characteristic linked to abuse or molestation in childhood.

Oh, and he also has tenuous links to the Scientologists.

I know this is probably old news (since I'm normally a few months to a year behind on news) but still. I can't, in all honesty, ever give him money. Ever.

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Ok, so things on the healthcare front seem to be a little more sorted.

Benenden have an arrangement with the Nuffield hospitals which means that Benenden will cover the whole cost of the colonoscopy outside of the £1500 for diagnostic tests. All I need to do is get them sent the original doctor's referral and a report from the consultant saying that he's recommending the colonoscopy, and they'll cover it. Just like that. Leaving me the £1100 to cover any further tests and meaning I don't have to tap my Dad up for money (at least until Uni).

This is good.

I am however still incredibly stressed, nauseous and practically running round like a headless chicken. Bwark!

(Seriously though, totally good news and I should still be able to get it done next week.)
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Just caught up on the last two episodes of Doctor Who and all I can say is that it was awesome. I know that a lot of people haven't been too fond of Matt Smith's Doctor, but I love him. I love the fact that he's arrogant and a bit of a dick, especially when you look at it as someone who has lived through everything David Tennant's Doctor lived through and then come out the other side. He's the right mixture of fun and scary.

As for the story telling, yes there were a couple of weaker episodes, but the season finale blew me away. I absolutely love the way they tied everything that'd happened in the preceeding episodes together. Continuity wasn't forgotten. Neither were the fun elements, even though it was a fairly apocalyptic couple of episodes. After the seriously depressing turn the end of the last season/four standalone of David Tennant's Doctor, this whole series was refreshing.

So, yeah. Looking forward to the Christmas special, and hopefully another season with Matt Smith.
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Really good series of videos on some of the top computing pioneers, like Ada Lovelace and Tim Berners-Lee. Well worth watching.
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For those of you thinking about seeing Splice: (Capslock warning)

Both posts have trigger warnings, but then it seems the whole damn film should come with trigger warnings. There are some very good reasons to not see this film.

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And since I've been nagged about not posting this yet:

My new tomato sauce recipe - taken from Smitten Kitchen, another of the food blogs I now follow. (text taken from the blog, for those who don't want to follow the link)

Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onions

Serves 4 as a main course; makes enough sauce to lightly coat most of a pound of spaghetti

28 ounces (800 grams) whole peeled tomatoes from a can
5 tablespoons (70 grams) unsalted butter
1 medium-sized yellow onion, peeled and halved
Salt to taste

Put the tomatoes, onion and butter in a heavy saucepan (it fit just right in a 3-quart) over medium heat. Bring the sauce to a simmer then lower the heat to keep the sauce at a slow, steady simmer for about 45 minutes, or until droplets of fat float free of the tomatoes. Stir occasionally, crushing the tomatoes against the side of the pot with a wooden spoon. Remove from heat, discard the onion, add salt to taste (you might find, as I did, that your tomatoes came salted and that you didn’t need to add more) and keep warm while you prepare your pasta.

I personally tend to blend the sauce down once it's cooked, but that's because Kaz doesn't like tomato lumps in anything.
red_butterfly: A red butterfly on a sepia background. (Default) - YA Books and Rape Culture - A very interesting essay on the subject (TRIGGER WARNING) - Hipster Ableism and a take on all the Hipster -ims out there. - A very interesting essay about rape and societal interactions (TRIGGER WARNING) - Interesting essay on why there are so few female were-anythings in popular media, and why most of the ones we do have are so unlike their male counterparts. - On the lack of openly gay characters in mainstream media and why subtext just isn't enough. - On misogyny, fandom, slash and why we should challenge stereotypes.


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